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September 2, 2020

#1 Tip from 46 Year Old Spanish Learner

Hey, it’s Rocky.

So the other day, I watched a video where this 46-year-old lady was being interviewed about her Spanish learning journey.

I forgot what her name was, but we’ll call her Debbie for purposes of this email.

I was super impressed with her ability, mostly because she had only been learning Spanish seriously for about 6 months.

Of course, her Spanish wasn’t “perfect” (who’s is?)

But she had excellent pronunciation and was able to hold a real conversation for 30 minutes…

Definitely not an easy thing to do.

During the interview, she revealed her #1 tip to learning Spanish.

She said it was the only reason she started to make real progress…

And this is coming from someone who said she had spent 3 years in high school learning Spanish…

But was never able to even put together a sentence or understand Native Spanish.

It was only about 30 years later when she decided to get serious about Spanish (because of her significant other).

Love can make us do crazy things, can’t it?


Before I get to her tip, I want to touch on something really quickly that I believe will change the way you approach your Spanish learning…

When it comes to learning Spanish, most people struggle with consistency.

It’s easy to be motivated for a day or a week…

But it is a different animal to be motivated for a month or a year.

The key to curing this motivation problem is adding some “skin in the game.”

I’ll explain this idea tomorrow…

But let me reveal to you the #1 tip Debbie told.

She said the single most crucial thing that helped her learn Spanish was A LOT of LISTENING.

She didn’t study any grammar or conjugation…

That didn’t work for her 30 years earlier in high school; why would it work now?

Instead, Debbie listened to Spanish every chance she could.

While getting ready in the morning, she listened to podcast episodes on her laptop…

While on her commute to work, she watched YouTube videos in Spanish on her phone (obviously she took public transportation and wasn’t driving lol — that would be a little dangerous)

At home in the evening, she watched Spanish shows like Money Heist on Netflix.

Long story short, Spanish became a part of her life.

It wasn’t just another subject she was learning.

Debbie’s significant other lived in Mexico, and her goal was to surprise him the next time they met.

Well, with determination, persistence, and consistency, she succeeded.

Now they live together, and they only speak Spanish in their house.

The truth is, anyone can learn Spanish…

You just have to put in the work.

I know saying “putting in the work” will scare some people off, and that’s okay.

The truth hurts sometimes…

But it doesn’t change the fact that it’s the truth….

And in this case — it’s needed.

Cheers to your Spanish learning journey,


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