7 Ways To Learn Spanish Fast In 2022

Are you looking to learn Spanish fast in 2022?

If so, then this post is for you.

That’s because today we will discuss 7 of the best ways to learn Spanish faster this year.

Many people struggle to reach their Spanish learning goals because they simply don’t know what to do.

They waste months and even years following techniques that aren’t effective.

But what if you have some foolproof options that you could turn to that you could count on?

That’s the point of this article.

Without further ado… let’s dive right in.

Tip #1 To Learn Spanish Fast in 2022

The first tip is to use YouTube to learn Spanish.

I’m not talking about just watching my videos or other videos teaching you Spanish but watching actual content in Spanish.

Find some Spanish YouTubers that you enjoy—preferably ones that speak the type of Spanish you want to learn—and watch their videos every day. 

The key is to consume a lot of comprehensible input.

I plan to write an article talking about comprehensible input because I get a lot of questions about it.

But for now, know that the key to learning Spanish is to consume as much of it as possible.  

And the beauty is that you can do that for free right here on YouTube.

You can download the chrome extension called Language Reactor to help you. 

I talked about this tool in a recent video, where I was talking about how to learn Spanish with Netflix.

Well, that same tool also can be used with YouTube. 

I recommend you refer to that “how to learn Spanish with Netflix” video to help you learn how to use that tool.

Tip #2 - Learn Spanish With Netflix

That leads perfectly into tip #2, which is to use Netflix to learn Spanish.

This is definitely one of my favorite ways.

Watch the video above for more information about this.

It will definitely help you get started right now with learning Spanish with Netflix. 

Tip #3 - Read In Spanish

The third tip is to read In Spanish. 

I cannot stress the importance of reading in Spanish enough.

 It’s one thing to read the subtitles on the shows or videos you are watching on YouTube and Netflix…

But it’s another thing to read actual books in Spanish. 

This will introduce you to a lot more words than you’ll find in simple videos. 

So it may be a little more challenging, but it will drastically help your speaking and comprehension ability. 

You know how reading in our Native language is good for us? 

Well, reading in Spanish is good for all those same reasons.  

One of my favorite things to do is get a Kindle version of a book and the Audible version so that you can listen and read simultaneously. 

Reading is great, and you can’t go wrong with it.

Tip #4 - Learn Spanish With Podcasts

Podcasts are a little more advanced for the simple fact that many times they won’t come with the transcription. 

So you will have to be able to comprehend just from listening without reading. 

But that also makes them much easier to consume on the go. 

So if you are driving, commuting to work, or walking, podcasts are a great way to consume more Spanish. 

Again, this is the same mentality with YouTube videos. 

When searching for podcasts, don’t just try to find podcasts that teach you Spanish but also find podcasts simply in Spanish about topics you enjoy. 

And also, try to find podcasts from people who speak the type of Spanish you want to talk.

Tip #5 - Amazon Polly and The Power Of A.I.

My next tip is to use the “Amazon Polly” trick.

How it works is you can take any piece of Spanish content you find on the internet. 

Then you copy and paste the text onto Amazon Polly. 

I like to use articles from news websites or even Wikipedia.  

Even though it’s A.I. reading the text, so it’s a robot, it sounds very authentic. 

This opens up the world of FREE Spanish language consumption. 

You can literally find any piece of written Spanish content, copy and paste it, then have it read to you instantly for free.

Tip #6 - Find a Spanish Learning Buddy With Tools Like iTalki

When you feel comfortable speaking and are ready to actually start speaking in Spanish, I recommend you sign up for classes on websites like iTalki.

I know there are others out there, but I’ve never used any of them, so I can’t really comment on them.

Basically, what you do here is find people to talk with.

You can schedule lessons with Native Spanish speakers to practice. 

One big problem most people have—or excuse they have—is that they say they have no one to speak Spanish with.

But if you use a platform like iTalki, you can easily find a partner in just about any Spanish-speaking country. 

I like doing this because these are people you are paying them to do a service so they will be much more reliable than just using a friend or family member.

Plus, they will challenge you in ways that your friends won’t.

And work with many other students.

So they know how to approach each lesson with you. 

One tip I always recommend is not looking for a traditional “teacher” that will teach you Spanish.

You aren’t looking for an online teacher to teach you Spanish as if you were in a conventional school.

Instead, you are looking for a speaking buddy.

Think of it as a pen pal, but a video pal, in Spanish. 

Tip #7 - Let Us Help You Learn Spanish

My last tip is a shameless plug for our courses on our website.

We currently have 15,000 students inside our Seven Day Spanish course.

I’m blessed and thankful to have that many members.

We’ve received hundreds of testimonials from students just like you.

When I started this website, it was just to help at least 1 person improve.

So it feels great to work with so many amazing people.

And we also have other courses on our website like Speak Spanish with Stories and Spanish On-demand. 

We are looking to create a few new courses this year.

Long story short, most people watch our videos but may not realize we have a website with courses, so that’s another way you can improve your Spanish.

So for us, it’s a new year but the same goal.

Our mission hasn’t changed.

In 2022, we will continue providing you with free and paid content that helps you improve your Spanish.


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