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⚠️ NOTE: This email is part of our email series for our August 2021 enrollment of the Become a Spanish Speaker workshop. Enrollment will be open between Thursday Aug 5 through 11:59pm Sunday Aug 8 PDT.

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Hola, it’s Rocky 🙂

Enrollment for our New Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop is now open.

You can find your special link at the button of the email.

But I urge you to please take a minute to read this entire email.

It will lay the foundation for everything we will be doing in the workshop.

Okay, so…

I’m going to make you an expensive offer (maybe $1,000+ offer)…

But first let me make this email worth reading (secrets inside you’ll love)…

Because if you are serious about becoming fluent in Spanish, then you know 3 things are true when it comes to improving:

1 — You need to learn the BASICS of grammar and conjugation before moving on to complex ones…

2 — You need to STUDY sentence structure so you can put phrases and sentences together correctly…

3 — You need to IMMERSE yourself in Spanish…

(That’s how most people approach learning Spanish)

And how do they do that?

They enroll in traditional classes at schools and universities…

They sign up for every Spanish app out there…

Then they try to speak Spanish with other people.


Yeah… until you spend years doing it…

And still find yourself avoiding contact with Native Speakers because you fear you will not understand what they say…

And you have problems when you engage in real conversation, including painful silences while searching for words, confusion, and embarrassment due to misunderstanding.

Because while those tactics sound like they are the best way to learn Spanish…

Thanks to human nature, you’ll find that languages aren’t learned…

They are ACQUIRED.

And while that might seem like a subtle change in words…

It transforms everything you thought you knew about becoming fluent in Spanish.

So let’s quit learning Spanish with conventional methods that won’t lead to you becoming fluent…

And focus on the #1 PRINCIPLE to acquiring Spanish…

(Here’s the part where the email is worth reading)

Because when you do it right?

Speaking and comprehending Spanish becomes easy.

Here goes with rule #1 of acquiring Spanish…

Real acquisition comes ONLY from Comprehensible Input.

That’s it. But rather than leaving you hanging…

Want me to explain exactly how to use this?

So you can fast track your way to fluency…

Without guessing?

Great, I knew you would!

But before I do that…

Let me explain what comprehensible input is…

It’s content or information that you can understand MOST of.

What do I mean by “most of”?

I’d say about 80%

For example, if you’re watching a Spanish video, you should understand at least 80% of it.

This is important because if you can’t understand the content you’re consuming, it’s just going to sound like noise, and the language will never be acquired.

That’s why listening to a podcast in Spanish all day for months won’t do much for you unless you have an idea of what’s being said.

Imagine if you went into a Chinese restaurant every day for a week…

And they spoke nothing but Chinese for a few hours a day.

You probably would assume you would learn something, right?

But the truth is that if you never understood any of it, you would never acquire any of it.

And studying a bunch of grammar rules won’t be of much assistance either.

You could receive a week of “input” and still not understand a lick.

That’s why it has to be “comprehensible.”

So how do you actually measure if you can understand 80% of the content you are consuming? And what can you do to make content comprehensible?

In tomorrow’s email, I’ll give you the answer to both questions.

Or you can sign up for the “expensive” workshop offer where our focus will be on mastering all this.

The workshop won’t cost you $1,000 either even though it’s worth significantly more than that (in fact, we view that not as a “cost” but an investment into yourself).

Even though tuition for a course at a university could be as much as $3,000 but is not where near as effective as our workshops…

And people have said they would pay as much as $700 for access…

You won’t have to pay anything close to that.

You can find the price here on the enrollment page, just scroll down to the red button and you will see it there 😉 It’s a surprise for you.

And when you sign up for the Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop, I already have training videos in there waiting for you…

But we will officially get started on Monday, August 9 (enrollment closes Sunday).

I’ve published a list of ‘questions and answers’ on my Workshop Enrollment Page, and there is a lively discussion in the comments section at the bottom of the page so please go there and ask any more questions you may have.

Before we end off and leave you to enroll (if you’ve made the decision to come on this journey with us this months), three things:

First an exercise in allowing yourself to ‘dream’…

I’ll go first.

Next year, I suspect these workshops will become the #1 source for learning Spanish in the world today. With working and learning from home becoming the norm – I believe I can help thousands of people worldwide learn Spanish faster.

Your turn.

You can dream in your head, but the best place to dream is on a page, so here’s a suggestion: get a pen and paper — seriously, do it now — and dream onto a page as if you were looking back from August 2022.

This means you’re not dreaming ahead; you’re reflecting back because it has already happened.

Example: I speak Spanish fluently. I am confident when I speak it because I don’t have to think about what I’m going to say or translate in my head. Dream backward, dream big and bold and vividly. Remember, for this exercise, your dream has already happened.

Take a photo and snapshot your dream reflection. You’ll come back to it in a year. You can share it with me then if you want.

I suspect that a chunk of our workshop cohort will experience substantial results next year at this time.

Second thing:

Regardless of whether you enroll today or Sunday (or not at all, which is perfectly OK), I’ll send you a few emails over the next couple of days.

They won’t be about ‘what’s in the workshop’…

I’ve already said everything I’ve wanted to say (well, once I reveal the third thing next).

I think the emails will be broadly valuable because they will give you more insight into HOW to approach ACQUIRING Spanish as you move forward.

Okay, final thing:

My goal isn’t to get the MOST amount of people in this workshop.

If that was the case, I would hammer you with “BUY NOW” emails every day like most of the Language Learning Apps do.

I want serious people who are going to take serious action in this workshop.

I take pride in getting my students great results.

But that can ONLY happen if you follow what I show you.

I’ll lay out the exact gameplan you need…

And it’s going to be hard work, for sure, but so much fun.

OK, enough said…

I appreciate you reading down this far, and I sincerely appreciate the attention you have given me over the past few days.

Click here if you are interested in enrolling in the Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop (scroll down to the red button and click it when you’re ready).

The price will be displayed on that button as well, so go find it.

But remember, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.


 Reminder: Enrollment for the Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop will close at 11:59 P.M. PDT Sunday, Aug 8. That’s if we don’t hit our maximum number of students. Remember we are only allowing the first 100 students to enroll.

This is the last hands-on workshop we will be doing in 2021, so if you miss this one you won’t be able to attend another one anytime soon.

Click here to learn more about the Workshop.

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