This was stupid of me

⚠️ NOTE: This email is part of our email series for our August 2021 enrollment of the Become a Spanish Speaker workshop. Enrollment will be open between Thursday Aug 5 through 11:59pm Sunday Aug 8 PDT.

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So the other day, I sent you an email telling you how we were opening enrollment for our Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop

With the intent of getting you excited for it.

The only problem is that silly ol’ me forgot to tell you what the workshop was even about.

Shame on me. And I apologize for any confusion.

So let me give you a little background information really quickly…

And then, I’ll link you to a webpage (LINK below) that contains all the information you will need.

What: 6-week hands-on workshop called Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop.

When: 1st week begins August 9 and Workshop ends September 19.

Enrollment: Begins tomorrow, August 5, until Sunday, August 8.

(Please note that we are only accepting 
the first 100 people. That’s because we prefer to keep this smaller since we will be more hands-on. So we may close much earlier than Sunday, possibly even the first day. Just keep that in mind and know that available spots may not be open for long.)

In case you were wondering…

The lessons should take no longer than 30 minutes to an hour each day…

But you can go through at your own pace.

And you will have lifetime access to all workshop content.

So with the freedom to complete the lessons when you have time, you can still attend this workshop even if you have a job.

Of course, this won’t be for everyone because not everyone will want to do the necessary work to achieve actual results.

But those who go through this workshop will be light years ahead of where they would have been without it.

These Workshops are very exclusive as we usually only do one to two a year.

In fact, this is the last one we will be having this year.

Here’s what a few people had to say after the last workshop we had at the beginning of the year:

What I want you to do right now is really imagine what it would feel like to be fluent in Spanish.

What would you do? How would you feel?

Picture it as if you’re living in that moment right now.

See yourself, wherever you want to be, speaking with whoever it is you want.

What type of Spanish are you speaking? What is your accent like? How fast and fluid are you talking? What is the response of the people around you?

Experiencing that in real life is 100% possible.

That’s what I’ll be talking about this week as we begin enrollment.

I want to make sure you are equipped with everything you need to get to the level you want.

REGARDLESS of whether you choose to invest in this workshop, the emails I send you this week will unpack a world-class education on designing your Spanish learning training to get the best results possible.

By the way, you can click here to visit the enrollment page to read up all about the workshop.

There is also a “comments” section enabled at the bottom of the page, so if you have ANY questions, I’ll be happy to answer.

This will likely be my last email about the Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop enrollment unless you raise your hand.

It will be fun. Come join us.

Otherwise, until the following newsletter in a week or two…

I’ll see you then.

Hasta luego,


P.S. You’ll notice the page is currently locked for enrollment. Tomorrow at 9 a.m. EDT that button will unlock, and we will begin accepting registration. Remember, we are only accepting 100 members. And if it’s anything like last time, then we will likely fill up on the very first day.

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