New Spanish workshop starts next week... You In?

The other day, I sent people an email about our upcoming Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop.

I talked about how we will be opening enrollment for the workshop from Thursday to Sunday (Jan 6-9).

I’ve had a lot of people show interest…

And I also received some questions from students.

Most just wanted to hear more about what the workshop is about.

So let me give you a quick rundown…

The Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop is a 6-week online interactive training workshop designed to help anyone rapidly improve their Spanish speaking and comprehension ability.

We do this by focusing on two essential elements to learning any language.

  1. You have to build proper daily study habits.
  2. You have to study the proper way with the right material.

This seems basic… I know.

But this is where most students fall short without even knowing it.

I will explain more tomorrow…

For now, know that we are only accepting the first 100 students who sign up for this workshop.

It’s first-come, first-served.

We like to keep it a little smaller because this is a live interactive training workshop.

It’s more hands-on than anything else we do here, which means we can only handle so many students.

But it piggybacks off all my other courses to give you the best study regimen that I believe a Spanish-learning student can have.


The workshop officially starts on Monday, January 10.

That’s when the first lesson goes live.

Here’s how it will work…

At the beginning of each week, I will provide you with content via videos and text that will help you improve your Spanish learning habits…

And improve your ability and confidence to become a Spanish speaker.

Each day you will get a new lesson.

So throughout the week, you will dive into the lessons, study, incorporate suggestions and consume Spanish input.

You will also be able to interact with other students in the workshop.

So you can comment, post feedback and progress, ask questions, etc.

Each week you will receive a new set of carefully crafted lessons to help you progress.

But please be aware that we only host this workshop one to two times a year.

So I’m not sure if or when it will be available again in 2022.

That’s all for now.

But I hope to see you there,

Hasta luego,


P.S. The New Year is upon us. That’s why I like to start every new year by hosting this Workshop. It helps people start the year on the right track with their Spanish practice.

Plus, putting on these workshops is always a highlight of my year and allows me to start the year off in a positive mood.

This is the third Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop we’ve hosted. And it gets better every time. The results from our students have been off the charts. I’ll share some success stories with you later.