How To Use Vos In Spanish

How To Use Vos In Spanish | Vos vs. Tú?

Have you ever wondered how to use Vos in Spanish? Or maybe you wondered, what’s the difference between Vos and Tú? Today we will help you.

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How To Learn Spanish Fast with Spaced Repetition

Using Spaced Repetition is one of the best ways to learn Spanish fast. It can defined as the opposite of spending the night before an exam drinking coffee and memorizing large amounts of information…

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Best Way to Understand “Por” and “Para” (Never Confuse Them Again!)

Tired of struggling with Por and Para? Well, today’s article will help you quickly learn the different between them so they don’t trip you up anymore.

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How To Describe Your Daily Routine In Spanish

Discover how to describe your daily routine in Spanish. We will show you a few common verbs and phrases that you will probably want to use.

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How To Learn Spanish Verb Conjugation Without Studying Grammar Rules

Are you tired of struggling to learn Spanish verb conjugation?

Today we will discuss how you can learn verb conjugation in Spanish without even studying it.

In fact, I’m going to explain why you shouldn’t study it…

And how studying conjugations does not lead to becoming fluent in Spanish.

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What is the Spanish Conditional Tense? (Plus How To Use It!)

Today we will discuss the Conditional Tense in Spanish and when and how to use the Spanish conditional tense.

Test yourself to see how well you know it!

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Build your perfect routine in Spanish

How To Build Your PERFECT Spanish Learning Routine in 2022

Today I want to show you my language learning routine for the New Year because I think it will help you build your own perfect Spanish-learning routine.

Recently I wrote an article about 7 ways to learn Spanish in 2022. After publishing that article, I received some questions, asking me about my daily language learning routine.

So today I will tell you how I’m approaching my own language learning journey this year…

That way you can take the information to help you create your own language learning routine.

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Saber vs Conocer

Saber vs Conocer — How You Can Master “To Know” In Spanish

Saber and Conocer. If you go to Google Translate right now and type each of these words, you will see that they both translate to “to know” in English.

Even though both of them translate the same way, they are used in different contexts and are not interchangeable.

This is why they trip up many people that are trying to learn Spanish.

They cause a lot of problems for students that aren’t Native Spanish speakers.

So in today’s article, we will cover the differences between saber and conocer so that you can use them correctly.

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7 Ways To Learn Spanish Fast In 2022

Are you looking to Learn Spanish fast in 2022? If so then you will love this article. That’s because today we will show you 7 of the best ways to Learn Spanish faster this year.

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