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How To Learn To Read in Spanish Better (Key To Spanish Fluency)

Did you know that learning to read in Spanish could be one of the most powerful keys to rapidly improving your Spanish speaking and comprehension ability? 

When it comes to learning Spanish, or learning any language for that matter, you have to pay attention to input and output.

The input refers to the processable language that you are exposed to while listening or reading. 

The output on the other hand is the language you produce when speaking or writing.

Here’s an image to describe the process:

Not too difficult, right?

Well, the problem is that most students only thinking about the listening and speaking…

They forget about the reading and writing. 

I’ve come across many students that come to me and say, “Rocky, I don’t care about reading or writing in Spanish, I just want to be able to speak and understand it.” 

I get it, reading in Spanish doesn’t seem as cool or important as actually listening or speaking. 

But think about this for a second… 

As children, we don’t fully develop our speaking ability in our Native language until we start learning how to read. 

Sure we can talk a little bit before learning to read but it’s not until we start picking up books that we become able to speak at higher levels. 

So wouldn’t it make sense that if we want to fully develop our skills in a new language—like Spanish—that we should read more? 

I understand reading in Spanish can be a daunting task… 

Especially for beginners. 

But it doesn’t have to be. 

In fact, today I’m going to show you a powerful way to read in Spanish that will help you rapidly improve your reading skills…

Which will immediately translate into rapidly improving your Spanish speaking and comprehension.

Reading in Spanish is Key to Becoming Fluent

Many of the most successful people in the world read A LOT. 

Billionaire Warren Buffet reads about 5 to 6 hours… A DAY.

Now I’m not saying you have to read that much in Spanish…

But we all know that reading is great for our brains. 

That’s because the most basic impact of reading occurs in the area of the brain associated with language reception. 

So by processing the letters to the words to the sentences to the stories themselves, your brain snaps neurons to attention as they start the work of transmitting all that information. 

Don’t get me wrong…

That happens when we process spoken language too…

But the very nature of reading encourages the brain to work harder and better. 

Can You Learn Spanish By Reading?

Reading in Spanish will help you learn new words, understand sentence structure and, surprisingly,  it will allow your brain to comprehend Spanish much better.

This will help you develop your ability to understand Natives better when they talk to you and allow you to respond faster without having to think about it.

“That’s because the very nature of reading in Spanish encourages your brain to work harder and better.”

How Do You Read Spanish Fluently?

In a recent video, How To Read In Spanish, I show you one of my most powerful methods of reading in Spanish that will help you rapidly improve your Spanish.

Take a few minutes to watch the video and then I’ll summarize the key points below.

As you can see, the process is simple.

But it will require some time and effort. 

I’ll get to how often you should read in Spanish for maximum results in a second…

But first, let me lay out the process for you so you can start implementing it into your Spanish learning routine.

All You Need Is Your Handy Dandy Smartphone

Okay, so first I recommend using a mobile device like an iPad. 

You don’t have to have an iPad but it is a better reading experience than your phone.

From there, download the Kindle and Audible applications and get your books on those apps. 

Here’s a tip: 

When you go to Amazon to buy a book for the Kindle, if that book has an audio version, it will allow you to get it for a discount on Audible. 

This is powerful because now you can get both types of inputs at the same time, listening and reading.

Now you’re killing two birds with one stone. 

The real power of the audio version of the book is that it allows you to learn how to properly pronounce and intonate words and phrases.

This will help you sound much more like a Native in the future. 

One big mistake I see students make when they try to learn to read in Spanish, is they do so without knowing how to properly pronounce the words.

They end up installing the WRONG pronunciation into their brains and also they have no clue about intonation, which is just as important when it comes to sounding like a Native. 

By listening and reading at the same time you avoid that problem. 

As you get more advanced, you can get rid of the audio version… 

But when getting started, I highly recommend it. 

Spanish Phrases and Words Collection

Once you start reading, you’re inevitably going to come across words that you aren’t familiar with. 

By using the Kindle app you can highlight these words as you read along.

Just like you see me doing in the image below:

Don’t stop reading, to look up these words…

Instead go back through the chapter after you finish it.

Then read that word, and the words around it too, so you can understand what it means.

It’s not enough just to get the direct translation of that word but you want to study how that word is being used in the sentence.

After you finish a chapter, you will export the words as flashcards. 

This allows for easy vocabulary word studying.

Take a look at what the Flash Cards look like.

Pretty cool, right?

As you move to the next chapter, you’ll highlight new words and export a new set of flash cards.

This is great because you’ll also be exporting the previous chapter’s words. 

This will allow you to continue the process of installing these words into your brain. 

By the end of the book you’ll have tons of new words and phrases that you know.

And remember, because you also know how to pronounce them, you should feel comfortable using them.

Start With Easy Books

When getting started with reading in Spanish, I recommend starting very basic. 

Start with children’s books when you’re new to a language. 

You wouldn’t start a child off with a 500 page advanced book would you? 

Of course not. 

You’d start them off with basic words, phrases, and even picture books. 

I recommend you start off the same way. 

I know this can be a humbling experience… 

But trust me it will be so worth it.

Once you have your book, I recommend following this process for at least thirty minutes a day…

But no more than an hour a day. 

Reading in Spanish should be fun, not tedious.

Anything more than an hour becomes a tedious activity and you’ll probably lose focus.

It’s kind of like working out…

It does no good to workout for 3 hours one day and then fail to work out the rest of the week.

Instead, it would make more sense to just workout for 30 minutes a day, every day, right?

Reading in Spanish is the exact same way.

So pick a time of time where you can focus for thirty solid minutes and that’s all you need.

It can be on the commute to work, it can be during a lunch break, or it can in the morning before your kids get up. 

But I don’t recommend doing it in the evening. 

That’s because as the day goes on, we get more fatigued. 

So don’t do this after a long day of work, after dinner when you’re tired and about to go to bed. 

Do this while you’re fresh.

That will help you stay focused and help you get rapid results.

Start Reading in Spanish Today to Level Up Your Spanish Speaking and Comprehension

Now you know why you should be reading every day in Spanish…

And you know how to go about it. 

In just a few days or weeks, I guarantee you’ll notice a massive difference in your Spanish speaking and comprehension ability… 

Especially if you combine this with the 3 tips I give you in this article.

Remember all you need to do is follow the method I showed you and do it for just thirty minutes a day. 

Easy peasy 🙂 

The last thing I’ll say is this…

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Students are seeing massive improvements in just days. 

If you’re serious about becoming conversationally fluent then you should definitely check it out.

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