How To Describe Your Daily Routine In Spanish (Easy Template Included)

If I were to walk up to you right now and ask you in Spanish, “¿Cuál es tu rutina diaria?”

Would you be able to respond to me clearly and concisely?

If not, don’t worry because I’ll show you how to describe your daily routine in Spanish in today’s article.

I’ll give you a few common verbs and phrases that you will probably want to use, and then I’ll tell you my daily routine in Spanish using some of those verbs. 

After that, I want you to write your daily routine, or at least your morning routine, in the comments section below and then practice saying it.

Heck, even record yourself saying it, and over time you will improve.

Let’s get started.

Talking about daily routines or morning routines is a great conversation starter. 

We recently did an article on 15 phrases to boost your conversations, and talking about daily routines is a good one to add to that list. 

Often, when I am learning a language and talking with other people, one of the easiest ways to start that conversation is to ask them what their morning routine is and then tell them mine. 

So I will start by telling you my morning routine in Spanish, “La rutina de la mañana.” 

And I want you to be on the lookout for a few things, okay

First, I want you to notice that I use all verbs in the present tense. 

That’s because I am talking about something I do every day. So pay attention to that. 

Next, take note of the transition words, words like: 

  • “Primero” (first) ” 
  • Luego (next)
  • Antes de (before)
  • Después de (after)
  • La ultima (the last thing)

Those are the most common transition words that you will use.

Reflexive verbs in Spanish

You will also notice that many of the verbs I will use will be reflexive verbs. 

I should probably do an entire article on reflexive verbs—and I have that on my list…

But for today, since we are talking about ourselves, we will be only talking in the present “yo” so it won’t be too difficult. 

Let me give you a quick rundown of what a reflexive verb is and how to use it in Spanish. 

Reflexive verbs go with reflexive pronouns to show that someone is performing an action on themselves. 

So let’s take the simple example of lavarse las manos. 

When you want to say I wash my hands, in Spanish, you would say, “me lavo las manos.”

The verb used is “lavarse” – to wash oneself, the reflexive verb, not lavar (to wash).

In this example, we conjugate lavarse in the present tense and place the pronoun in front.

  • Me lavo las manos (I wash my hands)
  • Te lavas las manos (You wash your hands)
  • Se lava las manos (He washes his hands)
  • Nos lavamos las manos (We wash our hands)
  • Os laváis las manos (Y’all wash your hands)
  • Se lavan las manos (They wash their hands)

One mistake many people make is they:

me lavo mis manos instead of me lavo las manos — this is incorrect. 

Because you are using the reflexive verb, you don’t need the “mis” here. 

Make sense?

Again, today it should be easy because we are simply talking about ourselves. 

So everything will be conjugated in the me + present yo form. 

For example, me despierto, me levanto, me baño, etc. 

I think it will be best if we start with the morning routine. 

And that’s how I want you to start. 

It’s mainly because it’s effortless to have the same morning routine every day. 

It’s a little more challenging to have an entire daily routine that doesn’t change much. 

There are a lot of things that can happen throughout the day. 

So let me tell you my morning routine in Spanish, then after that, we will analyze what I said, and I will give you a simple template you can use to say your daily routine. 

Click play on the audio below to listen.

The script to the above audio:

Hola, me llamo Rocky. Primero, me despierto todas las mañanas a las nueve. Me levanto de la cama, me cepillo los dientes, me lavo la cara, y me baño. Tiendo la cama, después de bañarme. Luego, hago meditación. Después de meditar, saco a mi perro a pasear. La última cosa que hago, antes de empezar a trabajar, es tratar de leer por 30 minutos. 

Hi, my name is Rocky. First, I wake up every morning at nine a.m. I get out of bed, I brush my teeth, I wash my face, and I shower. I make the bed after I wash myself. Next, I do meditation. After meditating, I take my dog for a walk. The last thing I do, before I start work, is try to read for 30 minutes. 

Let’s analyze the script

First, I used me despierto to say when I wake up. 

I used me levanto (the verb levantarse) to talk about when I get out of bed. 

Then I use a few more reflexive verbs to talk about what I do to myself, I brush my teeth, wash my face, and take a shower (me cepillo los dientes, me lavo la cara, me baño). 

Now let’s look at where I used the transition words.

I used primero to start. 

I used luego and después de

Then in the end I said, la ultima cosa and I also say antes de.

Below is a little template you can use when you are writing your morning routine in the comments below. 

I will check it and add any corrections to what you write below so definitely participate if you are up for the challenge. 

“Primero, me despierto todas las mañanas a las __________ (time). Me levanto de la cama. (Add what you do in the morning – cepillarse, lavarse, bañarse, desayunarse. Remember to conjugate it properly in the yo form. And also be sure the transition words to help your sentences flow: antes de, después de, and luego.) And then to finish, you can say La última cosa que hago es (verb).”

Okay, so now it’s on you… 

Amigo o amiga, ¿cuál es tu rutina diaria? Escríbela abajo en los comentarios.

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4 thoughts on “How To Describe Your Daily Routine In Spanish”

  1. Thanks so much. This helps a lot. I am ready to practice this. I have a class with my tutor tomorrow so I will try to do it then. Thanks!

  2. Hola. Me llamo David. Por cada Mañana, me despierto a las 5 de la mañana. Seguiente me lavo la Cara y limpiar me deintes. Depues de yo orar por 15 minutes. Finalmente yo hablar con mi esposa y depues ir por trabajo.

  3. Hola me llamo Mauselio, y este es my diaria de mis mananas. Primero, me despierto mas o menos a las nuve de la manana. Luego, no es neccesarrio pero chequio mis notifications si tengo por coreo o fb. Despues, haga el neccessarrio en el bano. al fin, conico pollo de casa para prepara para mi routina de hacer exceriso, en nota no commenzio trabajo hasta las 3 de la tarde.

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