Déjà vu

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Hola friend,

I want to give you a heads up, this email is a little long…

But please read every word because it will change the way you approach learning Spanish.

To begin, video 1 of our free 3 part video series that we are hosting this week
just went LIVE!

I’ll send you the link to it in just a second…

But first I have a quick story I want to share with you that I think you’ll be able to relate to.

Exactly 6 months ago I visited Italy for the first time.

It’s pretty crazy to think I was there not too long before all this Coronavirus stuff started.

I’m glad I went when I did because not only was it an amazing experience…

But from the looks of things it doesn’t look like I’ll be able to return there any time soon.

Why am I telling you this?

At the time I knew ZERO Italian.

I felt awkward and insecure traveling through the country trying to communicate.

I couldn’t understand when people talked to me and I had to think about—and look up—every single word I wanted to say.

My accent was a terrible mixture of Caribbean Spanish and American English trying to say Italian words

Yeah, it was pretty bad to say the least.

Lucky for me I have a friend named Marko that lives there and he was able to take me around and translate for me.

But I’m sure you’ve been in that situation before and it sucks, doesn’t it?

Wanting to express yourself to wonderful people that speak a different language and not being able to

I was exactly in your shoes.

You see, where you’re at right now in Spanish, I was right there in Italian.

And it felt like Deja vu because 16 years prior I was in Puerto Rico dealing with a similar situation.

Although the one in Puerto Rico was probably worse because I am Puerto Rican and — at the time — I didn’t speak much Spanish…

So my cousins and their friends made a lot fun of me.

If you don’t know by now, that’s what pushed me to want to master Spanish.


After returning from Italy I began trying to learn Italian.

I wasn’t really consistent with it because I was busy with work but I did try a more passive approach.

Silly me, that’s what I tell my students NOT to do.

But hey, it happens. I’m only human.

Sometimes I would try to talk to Marko in Italian over WhatsApp…

But my Italian was so bad he would laugh and say, “Just speak English, your Italian isn’t good,” LOL.

A little blunt? Yeah.

But who was I kidding?

I hadn’t even been taking Italian serious enough to get mad at his comment.

But that day changed everything for me.

Even though Marko didn’t know it, I took his comment as a challenge.

That’s because it took me 16 years back to Puerto Rico when my cousin and his friends were calling me a “Gringo cabrón.”

I’m sure you know what gringo means…

And cabrón means dumbass.

So yeah, it sucked.

What Marko said to me definitely wasn’t AS harsh — and I know he was coming from a good place — but to make long story short, it was time to take things serious

I’m not one to make many New Years Resolutions.

Most people make resolutions based on motivation.

Motivation is great but only for short term results.

That’s why most people never follow through to achieve their New Years goals.

Well, in January of this year I decided to begin my Italian learning journey.

It would be my 2020 “resolution.”

The plan would revolve around simple strategy rather than motivation.

Fast forward a few months later and I’m proud to tell you that I’m picking up Italian faster than I picked up Spanish.

Obviously it helps now that I’m a language teacher and coach full time so I know what to do…

just had to make the effort and actually DO it.

I will say that it’s been refreshing and much easier than I thought.

It also has helped me get through this Coronavirus quarantine.

Here’s what I’ve quickly learned…

Once you have a true plan of action, it’s amazing how fast you can experience big results.

And I only spend 30-60 minutes a day working my Italian.

Pretty crazy, right?

Of course, my Italian isn’t perfect but I can already hold full conversations with my Italian friends…

Understanding 90% of the words and not having to think about what I’m going to say.

I have no doubt that within the next few months I will be completely fluent…

And the next time I go to Italy I know that my experience will be EVEN BETTER than before.

That’s why I’ve spent the past few weeks creating this free video series for you.

I want to show you exactly what I’ve been doing so you can do the same to rapidly become fluent in Spanish.

This series won’t be so much about me teaching you Spanish words, that’s what Seven Day Spanish is for…

This is more about an overarching language learning strategy that you can continue to use for months and years from now

This is all about approaching language learning—or language acquisition—from a completely different mindset

I’m not here to teach you Spanish for years…

My goal is to get you on the right path to fluency and show you everything you need to know so that one day you don’t need me anymore

Kind of like a parent’s job is to get their kid on the right path so they can survive on their own.

Not saying I’m here to be a parent of yours…

That would be weird since I don’t even have kids myself lol…

But my job is to give you your Spanish wings so you can fly on your own.

Don’t worry, this will all make much more sense after you watch video 1.

Click here now to watch Video 1 now.

I know this is getting long (I’m already 1,026 words in… yikes).

So I’m going to wrap this up.

I received this question from a few students asking:

“How long this Video 1 will be live because I may be busy this morning at work?”

That’s no problem, you have all week to watch the video 🙂

But please know that I’m not leaving these videos up all week so that you can procrastinate…

I’m leaving them up so you can watch them more than once so that way you understand them

I’m telling you, this will be a massive game-changer for you and your Spanish.

By the way, I’ve added a cool little bonus to go with the video.

You’ll see the red download button below the video.

click that button and download it so you can have it for yourself.

I recommend printing it out and putting it on your desk 😉

Here’s the link one last time to watch video #1 now.

See you there.

Have a great week,


Video #2 of 3 will release on Wednesday morning, so exactly two days from now. In that video I will piggyback on the information that’s inside of video 1.