How To Learn Spanish with Netflix

Today we are going to show you the best way to learn Spanish with Netflix. 

Watch the video below to learn more:

The first thing you’re going to do is you’re going to go to this website,

(We recently published an article on how to use Amazon to learn Spanish, so definitely check that out.)

Once you are at the website, you should install the chrome extension. 

This is a free extension, 100% free. 

You may have heard of this tool before, you may have used it before, you may have seen other videos of people showing you how to use it, but I promise the way that I show you how to use it today will be completely different than anything you’ve seen before.

How To Know Which Shows To Watch

After you download the extension, click on it, select the Netflix catalog, and choose Spanish.

This is cool because one of the problems most people have is that they don’t know which shows to watch.

Well, this catalog will give you many different options.

Choose the one that best suits you.

Once you choose your show, this is what it will look like…

Pretty cool, right?

Download The Show's Script to Learn Spanish With Netflix Better

Now here is how you make this even more effective, and this is my secret to seeing rapid results with this tool.

Go to the print icon and then you can print the entire script for the show or download it to a PDF and open it on an iPad.

This allows you to spend some time with the script.

Of course, you’ll be missing some context, but just read through and try to understand what it’s about.

The great thing here is we have English right by it.

So it makes it very easy to, if you don’t know any words, you can learn them right here.

This helps you get an understanding of what the show is about.

You can find words that you don’t know and immediately figure out what they are before watching the show.

This is important because now you will have a good understanding of what the show is about before you even consume.

When you go back to the show and watch it with the subtitles, you won’t have to pause so much to write down words. 

You can actually watch the show all the way through.

Understanding before you watch the show allows you to focus more on the speakers’ pronunciation and intonation when you watch the movie.

Of course, you could just come in and use this tool, and I’m sure it would be great, but I think it’s even more powerful when you use this print feature first.

This alone has helped me learn other languages and will always be an intricate part of my study because it allows me to practice with the content I enjoy watching.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching great shows on Netflix?

The thing is, if you get bored, you will lose focus.

That’s what happens to most people when trying to learn Spanish.

They waste their time with resources that bore them to death.

But if you pick a show or movie that’s entertaining to you, it will be easy to watch it every day.

Easy Comprehensible Input

I always talk about comprehensible input in my videos and posts, which is the most critical piece of learning a new language.

Comprehensible input is all about consuming content that you can understand.

That’s why this method I shared with you today is so effective.

Printing and studying the entire script makes the show nearly 100% comprehensible before you watch it. 

This helps you expand your scale of what’s understandable.

This also allows you to consume MORE content faster because just by spending a few minutes with the script before watching, you aren’t having to pause the show after every sentence.


Stop what you’re doing right now, download this chrome extension, and get started using this method. 

It will be one of your favorite and most effective ways to learn Spanish faster.

You can test this with all different types of shows and Spanish accents and dialects.

I think you’ll be amazed at how fast you experience results.


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