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Hola, it’s Rocky Rodriguez, founder of Speak Spanish Faster…

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re already part of the Speak Spanish Faster familia.

Maybe you’ve conquered Seven Day Spanish, devoured Learn Spanish Faster with Short Stories, or mastered Spanish On Demand…

First off, ¡felicidades! You’re already miles ahead of the average Spanish learner.

But what if I told you we’re about to shift into hyperdrive?

Forget everything you think you know about learning Spanish.

Because we’re about to enter a whole new dimension.

I’m talking about a seismic shift that’ll make your previous progress look like baby steps.

I’m talking about harnessing the mind-bending power of AI to turbocharge your Spanish skills in ways you never thought possible.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Rocky, come on. I’ve already got your other courses. What makes this one so special?”

Believe me, I get it.

But this isn’t just another course to add to your collection.

This is the game-changer. The secret weapon.

The Spanish-learning equivalent of strapping a rocket to your back.

Mira, let me show you what I mean…

See that?

That’s an AI acing the bar exam, scoring in the top 10%.

Now, imagine that same brain-melting power focused on one thing and one thing only:

Making you fluent in Spanish.

We’re not talking about incremental gains here.

We’re talking about exponential leaps in your Spanish abilities.

Whether you’re a complete beginner or you’ve been with me since day one, this course is about to revolutionize your Spanish journey.

But before I reveal how you can get your hands on this new AI Spanish learning system…

Let me take you behind the curtain…

I’m about to show you exactly how I stumbled upon this AI-powered Spanish learning revolution.

And why it’s so powerful, it’ll make everything else you’ve tried look like child’s play.

Stick with me…

Because in the next few minutes, I’m going to reveal the secret that’s going to transform you from wherever you are now…

To a smooth-talking Spanish pro faster than you can say “¡Increíble!”

But first, there’s something I need to get off my chest.

I might even get canceled for this but I have to say it.

The Shocking Truth About Popular
Language Learning Apps

Those popular language learning apps?

They’re about as useful for achieving real Spanish fluency as a chocolate teapot is for brewing coffee.

Oh, they look pretty.

They’re fun.

They might even teach you how to ask where the bathroom is.

But fluency? True, native-level understanding and speaking?

Not. Even. Close.


Well, we’ve covered this many times before…

But it’s because their entire approach is fundamentally flawed.

It’s like trying to learn surgery by playing Operation.

You might have fun, but you’re not going to save any lives.

And now that those apps have added AI to their functioning, that fixes everything, right?

Think again.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news...

But AI is just a tool.

A phenomenally powerful tool, sure.

But it’s only as good as the system it’s plugged into.

It’s like giving a Ferrari to a toddler.

Doesn’t matter how fast that car can go if the driver can’t reach the pedals.

These big-name apps?

They’re taking their same old, busted methods and slapping some AI lipstick on that pig.

It’s still. The same. Old. Pig.

Now, I know what you’re thinking…

“Rocky, you’re scaring me. If the pros can’t get it right, how the heck am I supposed to use AI to learn Spanish?”

I’ve got good news and I’ve got great news.

The good news?

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to harness the true power of AI for Spanish fluency.

The great news?

I’ve cracked the code.

And I’m about to hand you the key.

The AI Spanish Revolution is Here
(And It's Simpler Than You Think)

Listen, if I can teach my 80-year-old grandma to use ChatGPT on her iPhone to learn a new language, summarize books, and find recipes… all in one day…

You can bet your bottom peso I can show you how to leverage AI to achieve Spanish fluency faster than you ever thought possible.

No coding required. 

No fancy degrees needed. 

Just a willingness to learn and a desire to finally master Spanish.

That’s exactly what I’m offering you today with my brand-new, revolutionary course: “Learn Spanish Faster with AI.”

Inside, you’ll discover:

  • How to unleash the power of AI to fast-track your Spanish fluency. (We will be with you every step of the way, propelling you to new heights in your Spanish learning journey!)
  • How to Transform your smartphone into a pocket-sized Spanish tutor. Discover how to leverage cutting-edge AI voice features for on-demand speaking practice. (Your 24/7 conversation partner is just a tap away!)
  • Master real-life Spanish scenarios with our virtual simulation system. Prepare for everyday situations from doctor’s visits to grocery shopping with confidence. (Your linguistic lifeline for crucial real-world interactions!)
  • And much, much more!

But hold onto your sombrero, because we’re just getting started.

Before I reveal how you can get your hands on this game-changing system… 

Let me take you behind the curtain…

I’m about to show you exactly how I stumbled upon this AI-powered Spanish learning revolution. 

And why it’s so powerful, anyone can use it to achieve Spanish mastery.

The AI Awakening: How I Stumbled Upon the Spanish Learning Holy Grail

So there I was, a little over a year ago chatting with a New York Times reporter named Eduardo who was interviewing me about my unconventional Spanish teaching methods.

Suddenly, the conversation veered towards AI.

I realized AI wasn’t just coming.

It was here.

And it was about to turn the language learning world upside down.

Now, I’m no AI guru.

But I’ve been swimming in these digital waters for years, surrounded by engineer buddies and friends who own 9-figure software companies who’ve been tinkering with AI since before it was cool.

Every day, I’d wake up thinking, “How can I use this new AI tech to help my students crush their Spanish goals?”

But if you know me then you know I don’t just throw half-baked ideas at my students.

No sir.

I test everything myself, then on a select group of guinea pigs…

I mean, dedicated learners.

Last year, I unleashed a beta version of this course on some of my most die-hard students.

The results?


Here’s what a few of the beta-testers said:

“This course is great. You made it easy to use this AI stuff and now it’s like having a personal tutor available 24/7! I definitely see improvement in my Spanish comprehension” — Margaret S.

“As a busy executive, I never thought I’d have time to learn Spanish properly. But Rocky’s Learn Spanish with AI course changed everything. The personalized lessons fit perfectly into my schedule, and the virtual simulations prepared me for my business trip to Madrid”— Robert K.

“I was skeptical about using AI to learn Spanish, but Rocky’s course blew me away. The interactive conversations with the AI tutor are so natural, I often forget I’m not talking to a real person. My confidence has skyrocketed, and I’m finally planning that trip to South America I’ve always dreamed of!” — Susan L.

As you can see, they were experiencing real life-changing results.

And I was all set to release Learn Spanish with AI to the world when…

BOOM! The AI Bomb Dropped

On May 13 of this year, ChatGPT released an update that changed everything.

We’re talking earth-shattering, paradigm-shifting stuff here, folks.

Here’s a snippet from a CNN article from that day:


New York

ChatGPT is about to become a lot more useful.

OpenAI on Monday announced its latest artificial intelligence large language model that it says will make ChatGPT smarter and easier to use.

The new model, called GPT-4o, is an update from the company’s previous GPT-4 model, which launched just over a year ago. The model will be available to unpaid customers, meaning anyone will have access to OpenAI’s most advanced technology through ChatGPT.

Based on the company’s Monday demonstration, GPT-4o will effectively turn ChatGPT into a digital personal assistant that can engage in real-time, spoken conversations. It will also be able to interact using text and “vision,” meaning it can view screenshots, photos, documents or charts uploaded by users and have a conversation about them.

OpenAI Chief Technology Officer Mira Murati said the updated version of ChatGPT will now also have memory capabilities, meaning it can learn from previous conversations with users, and can do real-time translation.

Let me break it down for you:

  • Real-time spoken conversations with AI? Check.
  • Visual interaction with photos and documents? You bet.
  • Memory capabilities that learn from your chats? Absolutely.
  • Instant translation in any language? Sí, señor!

This isn’t just an upgrade.

It’s a whole new ballgame.

Imagine having a tireless Spanish tutor in your pocket.

One that adapts to your learning style, remembers your strengths and weaknesses, and can converse with you anytime, anywhere.

Do you see why I’m pounding the table on how AI will change Spanish learning forever?

This isn’t the future. This is right now.

That’s why I dove headfirst into this new tech, spending countless sleepless nights mastering every nook and cranny.

Then I turbocharged my course, and my beta testers?

They were over the moon.

Now, I’m finally ready to pull back the curtain and reveal “Learn Spanish with AI” to the world.

But here’s the deal…

This isn’t some static, set-it-and-forget-it course.

Oh no.

It’s a living, breathing beast that evolves as fast as AI does. And trust me, that’s pretty darn fast.

Don’t sweat it, though.

Once you’re in, you’re in for life.

Every update, every new feature, every groundbreaking advancement – you get it all, free of charge.

Now, you might be thinking, “Rocky, can’t I just watch some YouTube videos and figure this out myself?”

Sure, you could.

But here’s the million-dollar question:

Do you want to fumble around in the dark, wasting precious time and energy?

Or do you want to tap into 15 years of proven Spanish-teaching expertise, turbocharged with cutting-edge AI?

Because that’s what I’m offering you.

The same methods that caught the New York Times’ attention, supercharged with AI power.

I’m not some wet-behind-the-ears kid who just discovered ChatGPT last week.

I’ve been in the Spanish-learning trenches for nearly two decades, honing my methods, perfecting my techniques.

And now?

You get to hijack all that knowledge.

All that experience.

All that expertise.

You’re about to unlock the Spanish-learning cheat codes, my friend.

But before I reveal how you can claim your spot in this revolutionary course…

Let me pull back the curtain and show you exactly what you’re getting when you sign up for “Learn Spanish Faster with AI”…

Introducing Learn Spanish With AI

Like all my other courses that currently have tens of thousands of students, this course is primarily video-based.

Here’s what you’ll discover inside:

  • How to unleash the power of AI to fast-track your Spanish fluency. (We will be with you every step of the way, propelling you to new heights in your Spanish learning journey!)
  • Fed up with one-size-fits-all language courses that neglect your individual needs? You’ll discover how to create personalized Spanish lessons that target your unique learning style, transforming your weaknesses into strengths.
  • Simple secret to creating bi-directional translation documents to help you rapidly boost your listening and reading comprehension skills, and never feel lost in translation again!
  • Master authentic Spanish conversations and practice whenever you want. (We’ll show you unique strategies that will help you become a fluent Spanish speaker on your own terms and at your own pace!)
  • Supercharge your results with our proven AI prompt swipe file. Simply copy and paste our expertly curated prompts to accelerate your Spanish fluency journey. (No more guesswork or feeling stuck—just efficient, effective language learning!)
  • Gain unlimited access to AI-enhanced Spanish lessons at your fingertips. From reading and conjugation to grammar and beyond, your language learning potential knows no bounds. (Awaken your inner Spanish identity and witness your Spanish skills skyrocket!)
  • And much, much more!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg…

There’s so much more packed into this course, you’ll think we’ve crammed the entire Spanish-speaking world into your computer.

And don’t worry if you’re not tech-savvy…

This Course is So Easy, My 80-Year-Old Grandma Could Use It

No joke.

I designed this course with my abuela in mind.

If she can use it (and trust me, she can), you’ll be sailing through it like a pro.

Tech whiz?

Great, you’ll breeze through this.

Tech newbie?

Even better.

We’ll have you up and running faster than you can say “Siri, how do I turn on my computer?”

We’ll show you how to transform AI into your own personal Spanish-learning companion.

We will show you how to make it adapt to you. Learn from you. And evolve with you.

It’s like having a tiny Spanish genius living in your device, ready to turbocharge your learning 24/7.

Traditional methods?

They’re about as effective as trying to learn salsa from a textbook.

But this?

This is like having the world’s greatest dance instructor by your side, guiding your every step, adjusting to your rhythm, celebrating your victories.

The End of Spanish Speaking Anxiety Is Here

That’s right.

Thanks to cutting-edge AI voice technology, you now have a judgment-free Spanish conversation partner available round the clock.

No more awkward silences.

No more fear of making mistakes.

No more excuses.

Inside this course, I’m going to show you how to harness this new AI technology to skyrocket your confidence and fluency.

We’re talking about making Spanish learning more fun and effective than a weekend in Barcelona.

Everything inside “Learn Spanish Faster with AI” is light-years ahead of anything else on the market.

This is the secret sauce.

The missing piece.

The turbo boost your Spanish learning needs.

Combine this with my other proven methods, and you’ve got a Spanish-learning superweapon in your arsenal.

Just Minutes a Day Can 10X Your Results

I’m not talking about spending hours glued to your screen.

Just a few minutes a day with this course—either on its own or on top of what you’re already doing—and you’ll see mind-blowing progress in weeks.

Don’t believe me?

A few weeks before my last trip to Italy, I decided to use these exact methods to brush up on my Italian.

The result?

Locals thought I’d grown up in Italy.

My Italian friend’s jaw hit the floor.

My mom couldn’t believe her ears.

My wife was convinced I’d been secretly Italian all along.

That moment – blending in so perfectly that natives can’t tell you’re not one of them – it’s the holy grail of language learning.

And it felt incredible.

Now, imagine experiencing that for yourself in Spanish…

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself chatting away
in flawless Spanish.

Your significant other’s family is impressed.

Your friends are in awe.

Your coworkers can’t believe their ears.

How much would you invest to make that a reality?

$1,000? $500?

The crazy thing is you’ve probably spent more on things far less fulfilling.

But today, you don’t have to shell out anywhere near that…

After Sunday, July 7th, “Learn Spanish Faster with AI” will likely cost $297.

But right now?

You can join for a one-time payment of just $197.

Need a payment plan?

We’ve got you covered.

Thanks to our partnerships with Klarna and Afterpay, you can get started today for as little as $34.77.

All you have to do to get started is choose the option below that works best for you at the button below.

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It simply takes you to our secure order form where you can review everything one last time.

And remember, whichever payment option you choose, you get lifetime access to “Learn Spanish Faster with AI” – including all future updates and bonus additions. Absolutely free!

All I ask is one simple thing...

When you get inside, actually watch the videos and do the lessons.

That’s the only way I can guarantee the results I’m promising.

The choice is yours, amigo.

Are you ready to revolutionize your Spanish speaking and comprehension ability?

Click the button below when you’re ready to join.

I’ll see you on the other side.


Rocky Rodriguez
Founder, Speak Spanish Faster
July 2024

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¿Tienes Preguntas? Ask Away!

Fear not, prior experience with AI or technology is not a requirement to excel in this course. We’ll guide you every step of the way, ensuring that with just a few simple clicks, you can harness the full potential of AI to elevate your Spanish skills.

Learn Spanish with AI is designed to cater to language learners of all levels, from complete beginners to seasoned speakers. The power of AI adapts to your current level, providing personalized assistance to help you soar to new heights in your language journey.

Our course and all associated tools are accessible from any device, provided you have an internet connection. Learn on the go or from the comfort of your own home – the choice is yours.

The course consists of numerous video lessons, granting you lifetime access after purchase. Learn at your own pace, and revisit the videos as often as necessary. The time you commit to the course is entirely up to you – naturally, the more time you invest, the more impressive your results will be.

If you need any help with the course you can email us at email@speakspanishfaster.com or you can interact with Rocky and other students inside of the SSF members circle if you have Seven Day Spanish.

As AI continues to improve we will make improvements to the course. Our courses are never finished products, we are constantly adding and re-doing aspects of them to make them better. The same thing goes for this course. But you don't have to pay for any updates or upgrades. They are free for all members of the course, so when you enroll today you get lifetime access to all course contents including all updates.

No, we did not develop this technology. We will be primarily be using a tool called ChatGPT to leverage AI to help us learn Spanish. This is a 100% free tool—although they have a paid version, as well—being used by millions of people all over the world. It’s arguably the best tool in the world right now.

There is No Money Back Guarantee: At Speak Spanish Faster, we’re all about providing unmatched value and unwavering support to our students. Our ultimate aim is to catapult you to success in your Spanish learning adventure.

We’re so sure our course will revolutionize your Spanish abilities that we’ve crafted a no-refund policy that’s not only fair but highly effective.

Here’s how our no-refund policy elevates both you and our devoted team:


  • Unwavering Commitment: Our no-refund policy attracts only the most devoted and passionate students. This breeds a community of driven individuals, laser-focused on conquering their language goals. The result? A powerful network of like-minded learners who’ll push you to turbocharge your Spanish.

  • Honoring Tireless Efforts: Our team of experts has invested endless hours perfecting the “Learn Spanish with AI” course. Our no-refund policy ensures that their unwavering dedication is acknowledged and appreciated. It’s our way of making sure our team is justly rewarded for the game-changing product they’ve developed.

  • Exceptional Quality, Every Time: We prioritize quality above all else, and our no-refund policy empowers us to concentrate on delivering the ultimate experience for our students. By welcoming only those who are truly committed, we can pour more resources and personalized care into meeting each student’s unique needs.

  • Own Your Success: Our no-refund policy fosters personal responsibility and dedication. When you invest in our course, you’re making a deliberate choice to own your language journey and seize control of your progress. This winning mindset is essential for excelling in any pursuit, including conquering a new language.

We know our no-refund policy isn’t for everyone—and that’s fine.

Our course is tailored for those who are genuinely eager to transform their Spanish skills and prepared to invest the necessary time and effort.


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