wow this is getting interesting

This email is part of our series for our St. Patricks Day enrollment of The Learn Spanish with AI course. Enrollment will be open between Friday Mar 17 through midnight Monday March 20 EDT. 


Just yesterday, the universe seemed to align perfectly.

As I was preparing to launch my new “Learn Spanish with AI” course this Friday…

I opened up my email yesterday morning and saw this…

ChatGPT4, the latest and greatest version of AI technology, was released.

You think I was excited before

Now, I’m ecstatic!

It’s like the universe was telling us, “The future is now!”

People are already using AI like ChatGPT4 to code video games, pass legal bar exams with top 10% scores – the sky’s the limit!

And I spent all day exploring ChatGPT4.

It’s already proving to be more powerful and mind-blowing than I could have ever imagined.

AI is growing at lightning speed…

And there has never been a better time to seize this opportunity and ride the wave of revolutionary technology.

On Tuesday, I sent an email introducing the new Learn Spanish with AI course, and the response was overwhelming.

So many of you reached out, excited to embark on this AI-driven Spanish learning journey.

I have to tell you…

This is like having your own Spanish personal assistant with limitless potential.

I can’t help but think about how much I wish I had this technology years ago when I was learning Spanish.

It could have easily cut my learning time in half, and now, you have the chance to reap the benefits.

AI is only going to get better.

Those who don’t embrace it will be left behind.

Don’t fear this new technology – it’s here to help us, not hinder us.

So, are you ready to join the AI revolution and turbocharge your Spanish learning journey

Enrollment to my new Learn Spanish with AI course goes live tomorrow morning.

I’ll send you a link to the page with all the details in the morning (probably around 10:00 am Eastern Time).

Hasta pronto,