Master Informal “Tú” Commands In Spanish

Hey, it’s Rocky here.

Today we will be working with the Informal Tú Commands in Spanish.

The “Tú” command in Spanish is one of the most essential “tenses” for you to learn because it’s one of the most common you’ll be using when speaking Spanish.

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As you probably know, I don’t really like teaching grammar because I think that’s acquired as you receive a lot of comprehensible input in Spanish…

But at the same time, we cannot neglect the fact that many people may be taking Spanish classes in school, and they must know these basic rules.

So I will try to help you in the most effective way possible to benefit your Spanish fluency and not just enable you to pass a test.

In the video above, I’ll walk you through a Tú Commands in Spanish quiz.

A Different Way To Train Informal Tú Commands In Spanish

When I teach grammar, I like to do it differently than it’s taught in school.

The way things are done in school just isn’t effective at helping students grasp the topics.

It’s why most students can barely speak Spanish or remember certain words & conjugations after they’ve taken years of Spanish in school.

You see, in school, they will teach you to study and memorize all the grammar rules and then take a test to see how well you remembered it.

The problem with this is that you don’t really learn the subjects.

You just memorize it and then forget it as soon as the test is over.

It’s more effective if you reverse the process.

Take a quiz on the “Tú” commands (in this instance) first.

Try to naturally answer the questions.

Often times you’ll find that you get more right than you probably thought you would.

Then check your answers after the test.

That way, you can look at the ones you got wrong and study WHY you got them wrong.

You can also do the same thing for the answers that you got right.

Study WHY you got them right.

This helps you really master the “why” behind every answer instead of just memorizing a rule to get by.

Again, watch the video above and take the quiz in the video.

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