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September 3, 2020

The Power Of Spanish Short Stories

So I first came across the power of learning Spanish through stories when I was 14 years old.

At the time, I had decided to get serious with learning Spanish after I completely embarrassed myself during my first visit to Puerto Rico a few months earlier.

Determination led me to spend every evening watching telenovelas with mi abuelita.

A telenovela is basically a Spanish Soap Opera show.

Think of it as the Spanish version of The Young and Restless, General Hospital, Days Of Our Lives, etc…

Basically, the same TV shows many of us grew up watching with our grandparents here in America lol.

Definitely, not the most entertaining stuff, in my opinion, but hey—these telenovelas helped me pick up Spanish quickly.

That’s because they all follow storylines.

This is vital because words and phrases are much easier to remember when they are tied to stories.

For example, when I went to Medellin, Colombia, I remember a guy saying to me, “Oye parce, este es el mejor lugar para comer.” [Translation: Hey dude, this is the best place to eat.]
It was the first time I had ever heard the word “parce,” a Medellin slang word for “dude.”

That restaurant he showed me ended up being one of the best places I ate at during my stay.

The word parce is now tied to that restaurant and experience, and I will never forget it.

As humans, our brains connect words and phrases to particular situations and experiences.

And even though personally experiencing them is great…

It’s not always necessary.

In fact, our imagination is potent and can even allow us to connect words and phrases to other people’s experiences that we are not directly involved in.

This is what would happen to me when I would watch the telenovelas with mi abuela.

Each day I would see the characters performing actions in certain places.

These scenes would stick in my brain, along with the words and phrases the characters were using.

Without knowing it, I was rapidly improving my vocabulary and comprehension, from merely watching these shows every day.

I was memorizing words without even trying.

That’s the power of the stories in these shows.

According to an article published by Harvard, storytelling helps with learning because stories are easy to remember.

Apparently, facts are 20 times more likely to be remembered if they’re part of a story.

I have no reason to believe that words and phrases are any different.

But here’s the crazy thing…

As great as all this is…

I discovered that stories become even more powerful when we remove the image the TV puts in front of us and use our imagination to create these stories’ images.

What I mean is that instead of watching, we should actually read them.

We all know how essential reading is in our Native language, and it’s no different in Spanish.

And you know how most of the time, movies made from books are rarely ever as good?

Well, that’s because books allow you to imagine the setting or events happening in the story.

Your imagination is more powerful than what any motion picture can produce.

And by being the creator of these images and experiences, it makes them even easier to remember.

I hope you’re starting to see how powerful stories can be for learning Spanish.

So instead of always watching Spanish TV shows…

An even more powerful alternative can be reading stories and letting your imagination do its thing.

But here’s something to note…

You don’t want to get turned off by reading long boring novels.

This is the mistake that happens in most traditional Spanish learning settings, like in school.

Instead, you want to make sure you’re consuming SHORT, engaging, and exciting stories.

You want short stories that hook you as if you were fish bait.

Not ones that put you to sleep.

Following this protocol is one of the most powerful things you can do to become fluent quickly in Spanish.

But there’s one problem…

Actually, there’s two:

  1. Most students struggle to know where to find these stories…

  2. If they get lucky enough to find them, they don’t know how to read them to get the most out of them.

Both of these problems can lead to wasted time and energy.

But if you can overcome these problems, your Spanish will take-off faster than a Space X rocket ship.

That’s why I spent nearly a year putting this Speak Spanish Faster With Short Stories program together for you.

Inside you’ll discover the exact short stories you need to experience excellent results with your Spanish.

I’ll even show you how to read each story so you can become fluent faster and easier than you probably think is even possible.

But that’s not all…

Because when you enroll today, I’m also going to throw in the special audio versions for every single story.

So that way, you can work on your comprehension and learn the proper pronunciation for each word.

If you ask me, I’d say this program is the total package for serious students interested in taking their Spanish to the next level.

If you’d like to experience the power of short stories in Spanish, we’d love to have you.

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