3 keys to Spanish fluency

⚠️ NOTE: This email is part of our email series for our New Year’s 2021 enrollment of the Become a Spanish Speaker workshop. Enrollment will be open between Wednesday Jan 6 through 11:59pm Sunday Jan 10 EST.

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Happy Saturday.

Today, I’m going to dive into the 3 things that lead to a better chance of becoming fluent in Spanish.

But before I do, I want to give a heads up… 

Tomorrow is the very last day to enroll in our brand new Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop.

If you’re wondering what the workshop is all about…

Let me share with you a comment a student Rochelle left on our enrollment page.

I think she explains it well—perhaps better than I have.

“Hi Rocky, so just to be sure I’m understanding the structure of this 6 week course, starting on Monday January 11th. You will be providing content via videos for us to use to improve our habits and improve our abilities and confidence to become a Spanish Speaker.

Then we use the week to dive into the lessons, study, incorporate suggestions and input and then as a group of students post comments, input, feedback, progress, questions, etc. that will be interactive to help ourselves and each other.

And then at the end of the week via Zoom at 3pm EST (or noon PST where I am at) we will interact “in Spanish” with what we’ve learned including questions and insights?”

That’s a good explanation right there. Thanks, Rochell!

The only thing I’d modify is the last sentence… 

Our students’ overall current level will determine whether or not the Zoom calls are done in English in Spanish. 

That’s because it’s not smart for me to force you into situations that you aren’t ready for yet.

You’ll see why in a second…

But I have no doubt that this workshop will help anyone level up their Spanish in 2021.

If this sounds like it interests you, then click here to learn more.

Now on to today’s topic…

I introduced the idea in yesterday’s email…

3 things lead to a higher success in acquiring Spanish:

#1 – Motivation
#2 – Self-confidence
#3 – Low anxiety

Unfortunately, most learning environments lead to:

#1 – Decrease in motivation
#2 – Lack of confidence
#3 – High anxiety

That’s the opposite of what we need to acquire a second language like Spanish.

Why does this happen?

They force us into situations that we aren’t prepared for.

This is why I talked about the importance of the silent period in yesterday’s email.

Seriously, if you didn’t read that email, definitely click here to read it now.

I think it will change the way you feel about your current level of Spanish and turbocharge your results.

Our Become a Speak Spanish workshop is all about motivating you, increasing your confidence with Spanish and lowering your anxiety.

We will do that through a meticulous strategy that will require daily consistency and hard work.

We’ve already got over 30 people signed up for our workshop.

These students have taken action and shown they are ready to really level up their Spanish chops. 

I hope you come join us—here’s the link (scroll down and click the red button when ready to enroll). 

I’m also in the comments section at the bottom of the page, ready to tackle any questions that you may have.

Have a great Saturday.


P.S. Midnight tomorrow, enrollment for the workshop closes. Really quick—I want you to think about something…

By this time next year, where will your Spanish be? I can assure you that the students participating in this workshop will be lightyears ahead of where they would have been if they chose to skip it.


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