New Spanish workshop is open

⚠️ NOTE: This email is part of our email series for our New Year’s 2021 enrollment of the Become a Spanish Speaker workshop. Enrollment will be open between Wednesday Jan 6 through 11:59pm Sunday Jan 10 EST.

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Happy Thursday.

If you’re reading this?

You asked me to send this to you…

We’re excited to officially announce that enrollment for The Become a Spanish Speaker is open (but BEFORE you scroll down to the enroll link, PLEASE READ THIS EMAIL).

If you’ve come in late, or haven’t yet read Email 1, Email 2, and Email 3, do that first. 

Each part of this series builds on the previous installments and reveals important insights about becoming fluent in Spanish.

Now, really quick, I want to address a common question that many people have had regarding this workshop…

It’s about the weekly Zoom calls that you get exclusive access to when you sign up.

I know people work and may not be able to make every call…

Please know that it is NOT a requirement to be able to attend every live call.

Remember, The Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop has three elements:

The Lessons – there will be a handful of video lessons every week from me. Each set of classes will lead to a prompt about you and your journey.

The Discussions: The heart of this workshop and all our courses is the community. These discussions will allow you to share your thoughts and give others feedback.

The Zoom calls are once a week at the end of the week. During these calls, we will recap, I will give additional insights, and you’ll be able to ask me questions. This is the only LIVE aspect of our training. And even these calls will be recorded and uploaded to the member’s area, so even if you miss one (I highly recommend you attend them all) you’ll have access to it.

This workshop is interactive and available 24/7 for your consumption…

And when you enroll, you will have lifetime access to all the contents and updates.

I know that was a long answer to the question…

But to sum it up: The Zoom calls are the only live aspect of the training, and you don’t have to attend them if you can’t make it for some reason because they will be recorded for you to digest whenever you have time. 

When you sign up for the Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop I already have a few training videos in there waiting for you – but we will officially get started on Monday, January 11 (enrollment closes Sunday).

I’ve published a list of ‘questions and answers’ on my Workshop Enrollment Page, and there is a lively discussion in the comments at the bottom of the page so please go there and ask any more questions you may have.

Before we end off and leave you to enroll (if you’ve made the decision to come on this journey with us in 2021), three things:

First is an exercise in allowing yourself to ‘dream’…

I’ll go first.

Next year, I suspect these workshops will become the #1 source for learning Spanish in the world today. With working and learning from home becoming the norm – I believe I can help thousands of people worldwide learn Spanish faster.

Your turn.

You can dream in your head, but the best place to dream is on a page, so here’s a suggestion: get a pen and paper — seriously, do it now — and dream onto a page as if you were looking back from January 2022. 

This means you’re not dreaming ahead; you’re reflecting back because it’s already happened.

Example: I can speak Spanish fluently. I am confident when I speak it because I don’t have to think about what I’m going to say or translate in my head. Dream backward, dream big and bold and vividly. Remember, for this exercise, your dream has already happened. 

Take a photo and snapshot your dream reflection. You’ll come back to it in a year. You can share it with me then if you want.

I suspect that a chunk of our workshop cohort will experience substantial results next year at this time.

Second thing:

Regardless of whether you enroll today or Sunday (or not at all, which is perfectly OK), I’ll send you a few emails over the next couple of days.

They won’t be about ‘what’s in the workshop’…

I’ve already said everything I’ve wanted to say already (well, once I reveal the third thing next).

I think the emails will be broadly valuable because they’ll give you more insight into HOW to approach acquiring Spanish as you move forward.

OK, final thing:

My goal isn’t to get the MOST amount of people in this workshop.

If that was the case, I would hammer you with “BUY NOW” emails every day like most of the Language learning apps do.

I want serious people who are going to take serious action in this workshop.

I take pride in getting my students results… 

But that can ONLY happen if you follow what I show you.

I’ll lay out the exact gameplan you need…

And it’s going to be hard work, for sure, but so much fun. 

OK, enough said…

I appreciate you reading down this far, and I sincerely appreciate the attention you have given me over the past few days.

If you’re interested in enrolling in The Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop, you can do that here (scroll down to the red button and click it when you’re ready).

But remember, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.


P.S. Reminder: enrollment for The Become a Spanish Speaker Workshop will close at midnight EST Sunday, Jan 10.

I do plan to do another workshop again in 2021, but I don’t know yet when that will happen. Q3 at the earliest, is a reasonable guess.

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