Spanish in New York City

It was right around this time several years ago, that I took my girlfriend to New York for the first time.

Not the “Times Square” New York that most people are used to…

But the Bronx, New York.

A place full of wonderful hispanic people from all different countries, particularly Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic

The loud merengue music blaring out of car speakers and the fast Spanish buzzing…

The Bronx feels like a Spanish speaking Country.

In fact, my girlfriend had never been anywhere like it in America.

She simply couldn’t believe she was still in America and not a Spanish speaking country.

She’s from Sacramento, California…

A much different experience than the Bronx, New York to say the least.

As I talked to friends and family members, my girlfriend pulled me to the side and said, “Why are you talking so fast? I can’t understand a thing.”

Of course, when at home I tried to talk to her in Spanish as much as possible to help her learn it.

I would speak using a very slow, easy and neutral Spanish…

One that would be easier for her to understand.

But that was much different than the Spanish I was speaking with friends and family in New York City.

Do we speak fast? Yes!

But I’ll tell you like I told her…

“Most people think it’s the speed of the Spanish that prevents them from understanding but that’s not
really the problem.”

That’s a symptom of the problem.

The real problem was that she was trying to think too much in English and translating in her head…

Paralyzing her ability to understand anything or even attempt to speak back.

You see while one person was on his third sentence…

She was still trying to translate in her head what the last person said.

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One that can have you comprehending difficult to understand Native Spanish fast…

And improve your ability to reply back in Spanish.

Since I showed her this secret, her Spanish comprehension ability skyrocketed practically overnight.

Now my Grandma even talks to her in Spanish…

And my Grandma is old school…

She doesn’t like speaking Spanish around people that don’t speak it because she believes that’s disrespectful

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