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Seven Day Spanish

Tell me if this has ever happened to you before...

You’ve been studying Spanish in school or through one of those fancy language apps for awhile… 

And you feel like you know Spanish pretty well…

You can even understand it when you see it written down.

But when you try to speak Spanish or comprehend when a Native speaks… 

It’s like everything changes.

A whole different scenario plays out…

One similar to the video below… 

Click the play button and watch this quick 34 second video:

It’s like the language spoken to you is so fast that your brain can’t keep up.

It tries to process what’s said in Spanish, translate it to English…

Then think about a response in English… 

And translate that to Spanish.

As you’ve probably experienced… 

That’s a recipe for disaster.

Because by then… 

It’s far too late.

But if something like this has happened to you before… 

Don't worry it's not your fault

Buy any Spanish textbook and the first thing you’ll learn is how to translate basic phrases without actually learning how to speak.
Sign up for any fancy new Spanish-learning app and you will do the exact same thing but with special effects and gamified power ups.
I’ve even seen some programs disregard all grammar and vocabulary to focus ONLY on pronunciation.
No matter what the packaging is, EVERY approach I’ve seen teaches either literacy first and pronunciation last or vice versa.
What’s the point of knowing how to pronounce something if you don’t know what it means?
Or vice versa…
What’s the point of knowing what something means if you can’t pronounce it?
Those are just a few of the many reasons why those methods of Spanish training are flawed…
In fact, the real key to becoming conversationally fluent in Spanish is inside of Seven Day Spanish…
And this key will help you master pronunciation and literacy at the same time.
We help you do this through our secret fluency formula that’s inside of Seven Day Spanish.
Once you start using this powerful system, you’ll be able to turbocharge your Spanish comprehension and speaking skills.
For example…
You know how when Natives talk, it sounds super fast?
Well this method brings your comprehension ability to the point that Spanish seems to slow down when you hear it… 
That makes it so much easier than ever to comprehend.
Imagine being able to record what a Native says and then play it at a speed three times slower…
You’d probably be able to understand some of it, right?
Well this method allows your brain to do this on autopilot… 
So that you begin to hear and comprehend every word said to you…
Then through our speaking enhancement training you’ll be able to respond like a Native without even thinking about what you’re going to say.
And like I said…
As good as all this sounds…
I’ll give you the full details and show you how to utilize this Secret Spanish Fluency Formula… 
So you can start speaking and comprehending Spanish better inside of Seven Day Spanish.

What exactly is Seven Day Spanish?

Seven Day Spanish is our #1 training course for beginners with the goal of being conversationally fluent in Spanish.

By the name “Seven Day” we don’t mean that’s how long the program is…

This course is a complete 30 day course designed to transform your Spanish speaking and comprehension ability.

The name “Seven Day” also doesn’t mean that’s how fast you’ll be fluent…

That would be impossible—and although there are other Spanish trainings making outlandish claims that are unrealistic—our students know and understand that mastering Spanish is a journey.

A journey that’s longer for some and shorter for others…

But we can guarantee that if you follow the training within this course, you will become MUCH more confident in your Spanish speaking and comprehension abilities…

Making this an amazing journey that’s well worth the time and energy invested.

In fact, some of our students have seen massive results in as little as seven days.

Your results will depend on your willingness to follow the training.

Seven Day Spanish will allow you to use and understand basic Spanish without the need for memorization or lengthy explanations.

This is achieved through our secret fluency formula that I developed while working as an interpreter for the United States Government.

This is a formula that builds up and practices the language in your mind, step by step, until you are able to form relatively complex sentences with ease.

From the very start, you will be speaking your own sentences, effortlessly absorbing structures without even realizing it.

The formula guides you through basic Spanish in a motivating and stimulating way.

Seven Day Spanish does not teach you theory, it teaches you to speak Spanish and helps you achieve this in much less time than traditional methods.

How the course works

In Seven Day Spanish, as in real life, learning is a continuous process, not a series of separate topics.

Each new word or structure is preceded by a clear and precise introduction.

The process continues as the students use the new word in a variety of different contexts.

Repeated exposure to new words and structures over time, in a wide variety of situations and associations, means that these are acquired for life.

It consists of 35 video lessons of spoken Spanish.

We’ve also just included a brand new Spanish sounds section to help you become more familiar with Spanish sounds to help your comprehension.

We will engage you in a spoken dialogue that requires no pen and paper.

Just talk, talk and talk.

You won’t stop speaking Spanish from start to finish.

This is the ideal system for beginners to learn Spanish. 

My goal with Seven Day Spanish is for you to become “hooked” on the method thereby mastering basic Spanish as quickly as humanly possible.

Are there any requirements needed before I enroll?

The only requirement needed is a true desire for wanting to speak Spanish better.

Know that this will not happen overnight…

BUT if you follow and DO the training lessons, we have no doubt that you’ll experience real results far sooner than expected.

So to be clear…

No previous knowledge of Spanish is required.

This course is designed for complete beginners or those with very limited knowledge.

With that being said, if you already have a basic foundation in Spanish, this can turbocharge your speaking and comprehension.

Before we move on, let me ask you a few questions

Please Check All Of The Boxes Where Your Answer Is YES!

Is it hard for you to fully understand when Natives speak Spanish to you fast?
Have you taken Spanish in school but still aren’t speaking Spanish like you want?
Do you use language apps on your phone but still lack Spanish fluency?
Spanish has overall been difficult for you in the past?
You are tired of spending countless hours worrying about grammar?
After endless courses, you still can’t string together a sentence without a struggle?

If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above, Then Seven Day Spanish Is For You

My name is Rocky Rodriguez and I’m the founder of Speak Spanish Faster
My primary mission in life is to help people like you speak and comprehend Spanish as fast as possible… 
And I’ve been able to do that through a secret fluency formula I discovered while working on secret projects for the U.S. Government.
But here’s something that might shock you…
I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish. 
I’m not a Native Spanish speaker… 
I would say I’m more of a “semi” Native speaker.
Let me explain…
You see, like many hispanic children being born and raised in America, I hated speaking Spanish when growing up. 
Even though my parents and grandparents spoke to me in Spanish… 
I always responded in English.
That’s because I just wasn’t good at Spanish…
I was young and dumb… 
And didn’t realize how big of a mistake I was making by neglecting it.  
“Just speak English,” I would say to them. 
Even though I understood it well, I couldn’t speak it to save my life.
When I was 15 years old, I went to Puerto Rico for a week during Spring Break to meet and spend time with some family I had never met.
As beautiful as Puerto Rico is…
After just the first day, I wanted to go back home.
My cousins and their friends made so much fun of me because of how bad my Spanish was. 
“How are you Puerto Rican but can’t even speak Spanish? GRINGO!”
You know how mean kids can be.
I was so embarrassed during my stay.
The plane ride home couldn’t come fast enough. 
It was at that moment that I realized it was time to take my Spanish serious.
From then on I made the choice that I would do everything in my power to never get made fun of for my Spanish speaking ability again.
So I started actually paying attention in my Spanish classes at school…
And started using every language program I could get my hands on.
Unfortunately, I made very little progress after months of trying hard in school and using those programs.
So I decided to take matters into my own hands.
I began to try to fully immerse myself as much as possible.
I started listening to nothing but Spanish music and watching nothing but Spanish novelas and movies. 
I made a little progress… but not as much as I expected or wanted.
Then one day…

I Discovered a Unique “Formula” That Makes Improving Your Spanish Fast and Easy

I’m still not quite sure how I came across it…
It was something that had been developing in my mind for a few months… 
And then BAM!!
Right out of the blue, it hit me like a ton of bricks.
But after just a few days of doing it, my Spanish comprehension and speaking improved rapidly.
Like any epiphany, it felt like it happened overnight.
I started getting tremendously confident in my Spanish and I begged my parents to send me back to Puerto Rico the following Summer.
The rest is history…

Finally Prove Everybody Wrong

My second time to Puerto Rico, I was accepted by all my cousins and their friends.
They were all shocked, proud and amazed at just how much my Spanish had improved.
Fast forward some years later and I ended up graduating college with honors (3.6 GPA) and a degree in Spanish…
I landed my dream job (at the time) working as a Spanish Interpreter for the United States Government (FEMA).
While working there, I had a knack for deciphering the different Spanish dialects…
And helping fellow interpreters (some Native Speakers and other Non Native Speakers) better comprehend all different variations of Spanish.
My bosses told me they wanted me to focus on helping the other interpreters.
That’s because it would be more effective if EVERYONE was as good at deciphering the dialects as I was. 
It would help us get things done much faster.
So it was my job to develop a special protocol for this.
Of course, I had to pull out every trick in the bag to complete this job…
I would need every hack, formula and method I used while growing up to develop a complete system that anybody could use to get results quickly.
I was nervous at first… 
Because I had never shared my secret with anyone else before… 
But I quickly discovered that it wasn’t just a one hit wonder for me…
No… far from it.
In fact, my secret fluency formula for learning Spanish worked very well with everyone at the agency that used it.
But to make things even better…

Each day I worked to dial in the formula even more.
I would learn what was most effective and what wasn’t.
I’d then remove what didn’t work well and do more research to add more things that worked better. 
I finally had a complete formulaic system that my bosses and me were proud of.
But I didn’t stop there…
Because even though this formula was ideal for deciphering dialects… 
I wanted to see if it could be used to help complete beginners master Spanish faster.
I wanted to see if it could work for everyday people that just wanted to master Spanish for traveling or communicating with friends, family and natives…
So I began using it on people outside of work.
I’ll be honest… 
I wasn’t sure how well the formula would work with a complete beginner trying to speak Spanish…
But the results were shocking, to say the least.

Here's what some of our students are saying about Seven Day Spanish

Incredible, right?
The best part — you can achieve these kinds of results too.
Let me ask you, how much is it worth to you to never have to feel lost when you hear or try to speak Spanish again for the rest of your life?
How much is it worth to you to have your friends JEALOUS of the amazing changes you’ve made to your Spanish fluency… begging you for your secrets?
How much is it worth to NEVER feel like you have to think about what you’re going to say before you say it in Spanish again?
Imagine that for a second…
Really let yourself feel what that would be like…
And to take all the risk off your shoulders, I’m going to give you a full 100%…

Money-Back Guarantee (Fair Refund Policy)

FAIR WARNING (only effects a small minority): Please don’t purchase just because you are curious what’s behind the curtain, with the intention to refund anyway.

Not only is that not cool, but mostly, it has pissed me off for years. I enjoy my work being stolen as much as the next creator who has put a piece of themselves into their work.

So what I’ve started to do is “blacklist” (block) serial refunders from purchasing any of our courses ever again. I also get Stripe, who process our orders, to put a block on the payment source. A two layer defense.

That said, if this course is genuinely not a fit for you, then, of course, I do not want your money. But I do require for you to make a real effort before pulling the pin.

You’ll need to go through all the lessons, participate in the end of lesson challenges, and mark your lessons complete.

Only then if you don’t think the course is worth more than what you invested, drop us a note at anytime within sixty days of your purchase, and I’ll give you a full refund.

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If you have any questions, please let me know. I’m here to support you.
—Rocky Rodriguez