How To Learn Spanish Easier and Faster To Become Fluent

Discover three powerful secrets can help anyone learn to speak and comprehend Spanish faster, no matter if you’re just getting started or you’ve been practicing Spanish for years.

Trying to learn Spanish can be overwhelming.

Do it right, and you’ll feel accomplished as you’ll be able to speak fluently with Native Spanish speakers…

You’ll feel proud of your authentic sounding Spanish as you no longer freeze up during conversations.

But if you miss the mark, you’ll feel like a failure…

Frustrated and embarrassed that you’ve spent months trying to learn Spanish—only to still not be able to understand what anyone is saying and not feel confident enough to speak.

Unfortunately, most people end up missing the mark.

But don’t worry because if that’s ever happened to you, it’s most likely not your fault.

Because in my experience, the reason this happens has nothing to do with you or your language learning abilities…

It’s not that you’re too old and it’s not that you aren’t capable of learning Spanish…

It’s actually a problem that’s caused by something that’s easy to fix.

And today I’ll show you 3 simple secrets that will help you quickly overcome it.

But I don’t want to act like I have all the answers and that it’s always been easy for me because it hasn’t…

Why I Had To Learn The Hard Way

Even though I’m Hispanic, I didn’t grow up speaking Spanish.

I’m not a Native Spanish speaker.

Like many Hispanic children born and raised in America, I neglected Spanish when I was growing up.

Even though my grandma used to always speak to me in Spanish, I only responded in English.

Looking back, I only did that because I was afraid to speak.

I was embarrassed because—at the time—my Spanish wasn’t good at all.

I didn’t realize how big of a mistake I was making by neglecting it until years later when I got older.

Even though I could understand a little Spanish, I couldn’t speak it to save my life.

And even worse, when Natives spoke to me, I would freeze up and not be able to respond.

When I was 15 years old, I went to Puerto Rico for the first time during Spring Break to hang out with some family members I had never met.

But after the first day, I wanted to go back home.

That’s because my Spanish was so bad that my cousins and their friends wouldn’t stop making fun of me.

They would call me a stupid “gringo cabrón.”

I’m sure you know what gringo means…

And cabrón means dumbass.

So yeah, it sucked.

I was frustrated and embarrassed during my entire visit.

I couldn’t wait to go back home.

But it was then when I realized it was time to take learning Spanish seriously because I never wanted anyone to make fun of me again.

Time To Turn The Tables

So I did what most people do…

I started taking classes in school, and I even tried popular programs like Rosetta Stone.

I learned some grammar and conjugation tips…

But it never helped me comprehend, process, and respond to Native Spanish speakers.

I would try to decode what I heard (in Spanish), translate it (to English), then think of what to respond (in English) and translate that (to Spanish).

I always found myself mentally searching for the words and proper conjugation to use.

This caused me anxiety, and I would resort to just responding in English out of fear of saying it incorrectly in Spanish.

It quickly became evident that the traditional methods weren’t going to help me learn Spanish as I wanted.

Besides, I had never met anyone that became fluent from using those traditional methods…

And even worse, the best-performing students in the class that knew all the grammar rules, conjugations, and vocabulary words, couldn’t even string together a sentence or understand Native speakers either.

You see, I didn’t want to just know a few words here and there…

I wanted to become fluent in Spanish.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands, and for weeks I experimented with my own methods.

I wasn’t even sure if what I was doing was working…

But then one day, while in class, the teacher called on me to answer a question…

She thought I wasn’t paying attention…

And she was right.

I wasn’t paying attention.

But that’s because I didn’t need to.

It’s like everything just started to click.

Understanding her seemed easy and even natural.

But things really took a turn when I responded back to her almost instantly without having to think about what I was going to say.

I wish you could’ve seen the look on her face.

Heck, I wish I could have seen the look on my face.

For the rest of the day, I couldn’t help but think about the Spanish learning strategies I had been doing on my own at home.

And that’s when I realized something unusual…

If I just continued to do a few of the simple exercises I had been doing, I’d be able to fully comprehend and speak with Native speakers.

Once I figured out that what I was doing at home really worked, I was excited and I started putting in a little more work…

And I gotta say, WOW! My Spanish speaking and comprehension continued to rapidly improve.

Fast forward a four months later and I was fluent in Spanish.

My teacher was in awe.

She was proud of me and called me an ultra-fast learner.

She even recommended that I skip Spanish 2 the next year and go directly to Spanish 3.

I still couldn’t believe it.

But the crazy thing is the strategies I had been doing at home can be done by anybody.

In fact, in this article, I will give you my three most effective secrets I’ve used with several of my students and friends to go from being a very beginner in Spanish to fluent, no matter their age or current skill level.

Are you ready?

Great! Let’s get talk about the first secret.

Secret #1 - Basic But Necessary

Secret #1 is to learn the alphabet in Spanish. 

What I mean is, you need to learn how to properly pronounce each letter. 

Seriously, no matter how long you’ve been learning Spanish, can you say every letter perfectly like a Native?

If you can then you should be able to pronounce every word perfectly. 

Think about as a kid growing up learning English… 

I’m sure one of the first things you learned was your ABC’s, right? 

So the first thing you want to do is you really want to learn the alphabet just like you did when learning your Native language. 

Growing up we learn to pronounce all the letters properly, you want to do the same thing for Spanish. 

You want to take your time with this because you want to make sure that you are speaking every letter properly… 

Trying to sound as much like a native as possible. 

That’s because when you know how to properly pronounce every single letter of the alphabet, it will make it much easier to be able to pronounce Spanish words. 

One of the biggest problems with Spanish in school or with the Language Apps is that they don’t really focus on the actual Spanish sounds. 

They instead choose to rush you through vocabulary and tough conjugations. 

By mastering every letter, not only does it help us pronounce words better but it also helps us understand words better. 

I’ll explain a little bit more about the comprehension part in the next secret…

But know that your ability to sound like a Native depends on your ability to pronounce the Spanish letters properly. 

Seems simple, I know.

But it’s so simple that people overlook it and start their Spanish practice with a bad foundation.

Secret #2 - Rhythmic Reinforcement Training

That leads perfectly into the second secret… 

Which is something I call Rhythmic Reinforcement Training

As I just mentioned, we must have a great foundation when speaking Spanish…

So let’s start with the foundation.

As you probably know, before you build a house you have to first put down the foundation. 

The stability of the house depends on it. 

So if the foundation is poor your house won’t be standing for very long… 

But if it’s good then you can feel safe and confident knowing you’re in a house that will last.  

The same thing goes with learning Spanish… 

And the foundation for learning any language is to learn the vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, etc. 

Each individual resource is only as good as your ability to combine them together. 

That’s where traditional school Spanish and Apps get things wrong. 

While they teach you tons of vocabulary and grammar, they are missing many other pieces to the puzzle… 

And it’s why students can have memorized thousands of vocabulary words, know all the conjugations and be able to write the best A+ paper in Spanish… 

But not be able to understand a simple sentence from a Native Spanish speaker… 

Much less organize their thoughts in a timely manner to be able to respond. 

One of the pieces to this puzzle has to do with something that I call Rhythmic Reinforcement Training or RRT for short.

As you can see RRT deals with:

In school they throw a bunch of words and phrases at you, tell you to memorize them and then move to the next section. 

Very little focus is on pronunciation, which is the first piece of the foundation… 

And I don’t mean simply being able to say it once so that the App allows you to move to the next lesson…  

But ACTUALLY knowing and becoming comfortable with the word and its every syllable which ties back to the first secret. 

Learning the RIGHT way to pronounce the words helps you sound more native when you speak…  

And it also tunes your ears to the sounds of Spanish. 

This allows you to hear the difference between the Spanish “e” and the English “e”, for example… 

In this way your ears expect the correct sounds. 

Once you become accustomed to this, it makes it easy to know all the syllables and words being used when spoken to you. 

This is when you’ll understand the phrases spoken to you at average speeds. 

But we can’t stop there… 

That’s because Natives don’t speak at average speeds, do we? 

Not only do we speak fast…  

But we cut letters and put together words to make life a living hell for non-native speakers… 

Only kidding…  

Well, we do actually do this…  

Not because we want to make life hard for non-native speakers…

But because we are lazy and want to make life easier for ourselves. 

Let me give you an example… 

I’m currently teaching my girlfriend Spanish… 

And because she’s getting rather good at it, sometimes I’ll say something too fast for her to understand.  

She’ll tell me to slow down and say it again… 

After that she’ll ask me to repeat the original way I said it… 

Only then does she hear the sounds.

So the other day, the garbage disposal for our sink was acting up… 

So I quickly said:

That will probably sound and look like gibberish to you, just as it did for her… 

So let me slow it down like I did for her…

I said: ¿Qué es lo que está pasando con esto?” 

Translation: What’s up with this? (in reference to garbage disposal).

Major difference, right?

Same thing being said… 

Essentially the same words being used (minus a few cut letters and a few jumbled together) but completely different sounds. 

Now obviously my accent and dialect will be different than other people’s (I’m Puerto Rican)

But regardless of which country you’re in, conversational Spanish will feature many of the same aspects. 

My family is from Puerto Rico… 

I’ve lived in the Dominican Republic… 

I’ve visited Spain and Colombia…

I have Venezuelan and Cuban friends in Miami…  

I have El Salvadorian, Honduran, Panamanian, and Mexican friends here in Washington, DC…  

And I can truthfully say that we all do similar things when we speak Spanish.

Think about when you speak English… 

How often do you speak in a way—whether it’s really fast or you chop a word like “Sup?”— that a non-native English speaker would have trouble understanding? 

Pretty often, right?

This is the same exact thing that happens in Spanish. 

Now I want you to imagine hearing the first audio again, for the first time…  

But this time in a crowd of people talking… 

Or when there’s music in the background… 

Or when there are cars honking and sirens in the streets… 

You can probably imagine that things can get pretty difficult… 

The thing you need to do is to continue with this Rhythmic Reinforcement Training… 

Which again, is to take relevant conversational Spanish words and phrases…  

Learn and master their proper pronunciation…  

Hear them spoken properly…  

And finally hear them sped up much faster as it would sound when a Native says them. 

The more you accustom yourself to hearing Spanish like this, the better you’ll understand it and be able to respond to it. 

This will help you build the foundation that you need to become conversationally fluent.

Secret 3 - Artificial Immersion

In addition to this Rhythmic Reinforcement training, you also need to be actively trying to immerse yourself as much as possible. 

There’s really no better way to learn to speak Spanish than moving to another country and “actively” trying to learn.

I say actively because just moving to another country doesn’t mean you’ll learn the language. 

I’ve met many people in the countries I’ve visited that can’t speak the language of that country even though they’ve lived there for 5-10 years. 

I say this so you don’t think that you have to move to another country to learn the language. 

In fact, that option usually isn’t even a valid one. 

Most of us have lives and families that we can’t just pick up and move to a Spanish speaking country to simply learn the language.

So the next best thing that we can do is actively try to learn Spanish at home (RRT) and try to immerse ourselves as much as possible. 

One great way to do this is through “artificial immersion.” 

Here’s a list of some things you can do to artificially immerse yourself:

Do all of this with the thought of ACTIVELY learning.

It does no good to watch Narcos on Netflix while reading all the subtitles in English. 

Your mind will just focus on reading the subtitles and you won’t even hear what’s being said. 

Here’s a simple exercise you can do to practice:

Step 1: Grab a pen and piece of paper.

Step 2: Turn on Narcos (or any Spanish Speaking show on Netflix, I’m just obsessed with Narcos) listen to a sentence without looking at the subtitles.

Step 3: Write down what you hear (don’t worry about spelling or anything like that).

Step 4: Keep rewinding and listening until you either figure out the entire sentence in Spanish or you simply can’t understand what’s being said (this is okay).

Step 5: Now slowly say what you’ve written down, sounding like the way they said it. Seriously, try to imitate them. 

Step 6: Now you’re free to look at the subtitles if you don’t understand what they say.

See if you can match the English words with the Spanish words.

Conversation Is Key

At the end of the day, you have to go out there and speak Spanish. 

No matter how much practice and training you do, at some point you have to play the game. 

The game in this instance is actually partaking in conversation. 

No matter how much time you spend studying… 

If you don’t have lots of conversations, you will NEVER become conversationally fluent. 

Don’t worry about making mistakes when you speak. 

Just say it, put it out there, keep the conversation going.

It is so much fun to have an interchange, to understand and be understood. 

The point is communication, not perfect correctness. 

But the more you communicate, the more correct your speech in Spanish will become. 

Words and phrases will stick in your head because you associate them with people and events. 

Believe me when I say that as Natives (or semi-Natives), we love when non-natives take the time and effort to communicate with us in our language.

These are just a few of the many powerful secrets I have that can help you learn Spanish faster…

In fact, this barely even scratched the surface.

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