Hey, congratulations on your purchase of Seven Day Advanced Spanish.

Returning Members: Welcome back! If you already own the original version of Seven Day Spanish and you purchased using your same email then you don’t have to wait for anything. Seven Day Advanced Spanish is already in your account waiting for you 🙂

If for some reason you purchased it with a DIFFERENT email than your first purchase then you’ll have to wait for your username and password (you’ll probably want to email us so we can consolidate everything onto one account for you.)

New Members: Welcome! I’m sending over your username and password to your email right now. Please allow 5-10 minutes for it to arrive in your inbox. The email will come from [Speak Spanish Faster]. 

When you see that email open it so you can get started. If for some reason the email doesn’t arrive, please check the spam folder. Our system rarely makes mistakes. Isn’t funny how technology is more reliable than humans now? Lol.

One of the leading causes to people not receiving their login information is that they purchase using the wrong email. 

This could be because they just choose an email the didn’t realize they used or even if they make a mistake in typing their email (e.g., if i were to write  rocky@gmail.con instead of 

Our system is 100% automated. The email you use for purchase will have an account made in that email and that email will be sent the login information.

With all that being said, if you still haven’t received your login information simply email us at and we will take good care of you. I promise.

That’s all from me.

Let’s get started.

Go check your email or go login and start your training 🙂

— Rocky Rodriguez