The secret to easy Spanish conversation

Hola, it’s Rocky.

Have you ever wondered how you can stop translating Spanish in your head, and learn to think
directly in Spanish?

In yesterday’s email I talked about how one of the main reasons people can’t converse well with Natives in Spanish…

Is because they spend too much time thinking in English instead of thinking in Spanish.

Don’t worry, it’s not your fault.

Pretty much every form of Spanish training out there…

From traditional teaching in school to the language apps…

Don’t do a good job in preparing you for REAL conversations.

That’s because they are too busy preparing you for an irrelevant test or quiz that doesn’t translate to real live situations

This is why it’s still hard to understand when Native Spanish speakers talk quickly…

And this is why after years of studying Spanish, it’s still hard to string together sentences.

This can be disheartening and can ruin all your confidence when trying to speak Spanish.

In fact, it can even make you afraid to attempt to converse with others because you’re afraid your Spanish is bad.

So how do we solve this problem?

Well, it’s evident that we are always going to try to translate things in our head…

No matter how much we tell ourselves to stop.

That’s just how our brains work.

So don’t fight the urge to translate Spanish in your head…

Instead, work with it.

You can use English to find common words in Spanish…

This will help you understand words and short sentences easier…

And then it will allow you to create long sentences out of small simple sentences.

Eventually, as you continue to improve your Spanish comprehension and speaking ability…

You will become less reliant on English and translating in your head.

Then, English will fade from your thoughts and you’ll be left with Spanish, so you can think just like native speakers do.

Don’t you think it will be much easier to communicate in Spanish when you are no longer translating in your head

I can assure you that when this happens, you’ll be speaking Spanish well enough to converse
comfortably and confidently with Native Spanish speakers.

The key to all this is to get massive amounts of input and your output.

It’s much easier than it sounds.

In fact, that’s why I created the Seven Day Spanish System

It will help you do everything I mentioned in this email without even trying.

You simply follow the step-by-step protocol…

And after a few short weeks, maybe even days, you’ll subconsciously begin to think in Spanish…

Making everything so much easier for you.

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